Vijay Chill Rolls - Manufacturers of Chilled Iron Rolls and Centrifugal Castings.
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Vijay Chill Rolls is dedicated to manufacturing Rolls for grain & cereal milling, flour milling, animal feed mills, oil milling, cracking & flaking, rice flaking, steel re-rolling mills, pipe & tube mills, mixing, soap, paint, rubber, packaging, chocolate, coffee, beverage, malting, paper, mineral & ore grinding & other various industries since the year 1970.

Vijay Chill Rolls is also manufacturing Machines like grinding cum fluting machines for rolls, dynamic balancing machines for rolls & other machines for rolls and milling industries since then.

Vijay Chill Rolls has established itself as a trustworthy name in the manufacturing of chilled cast iron rolls (mill rolls) by the centrifugal spin casting process using the double pour technique. The process has been innovated by professionals having immense experience in developing rolls of highest quality standards, at its own manufacturing facilities & by satisfying customers from all over the world.

Commitment towards quality has resulted in the Vijay being certified as an ISO 9001 manufacturer & supplier of chilled cast iron rolls.

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